Vikram Goddla

Founder & President

Vikram is a junior at Detroit Country Day School (DCDS) who has been consistently performing at the top of his class in both academics and athletics and represented the State of Michigan in several national and international competitions in science and math. Vikram has an instinctive flair for science research and is currently working as a research assistant at Henry Ford Health Systems and Wayne State University. Vikram’s research over the past 3 years resulted in several publications in peer reviewed national and international journals and won awards at the international science fair. Vikram is a natural leader who was elected as the President of the Class Board at DCDS. Vikram is also the founder of the Machine Learning Club at DCDS. Vikram founded Binary Mayhem to raise awareness about machine learning and providing resources for students in underserved communities in the Detroit area to learn computer programming. Vikram is an avid volunteer at the local hospitals and clinics, where he assists the medical staff and patients with daily activities. Vikram is an accomplished athlete who plays on the DCDS’ varsity golf and soccer teams and has qualified for state tournaments. Vikram’s long-term goal is to pursue a career in medicine and create innovative solutions by applying his computer science skills to solve problems in the medical field.

Akhil Kadari

Vice President

Akhil is a junior at Troy High School (THS) and the vice president of Binary Mayhem. Akhil has had an undying interest in computer programming for many years and has been drawn to the idea of implementing his problem-solving skills into programming. Akhil developed a flair for programming by completing a plethora of collegiate-level online courses such as CS50, an online computer science course offered by Harvard University, as well as competing in state-level competitions affiliated with Technology Student Association (TSA). Akhil became part of Binary Mayhem to help provide resources for the underprivileged students of Detroit, Michigan and provide an outlet to spark interest in computer programming. He strongly believes that his early exposure to computer programming is the reason for his passion in this field and now seeks to do the same for other early teenagers. Akhil is a very hard-working student currently working a job at a fine-casual restaurant called Shake Shack as well as previously tutored at Kumon Tutoring Center. At the same time, Akhil is a natural-born leader leading a competitive Indian fusion dance team of 24 called Troy Riyaaz. Akhil also frequently volunteers at elementary schools tutoring 5th graders and volunteered at many food shelters where he helped pack food for the poor in Detroit and helped with care packages for poor families all around the world that struggle with natural disasters. Akhil’s long-term goal is to have his own start-up company and to implement his computer programming knowledge to develop products to solve problems that reside within the world of technology.